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Ayurvedic Treatments



Panchakarma treatments are the sheet anchor of ayurveda. It includes various therapies designed to assist the body in the internal cleaning process by eliminating the toxins, wastes and other excesses to bring the supportive forces of life - the 'Tridoshas' into balance.


Uzhichil literally means massage... It is the action of rubbing and pressing the body usually with hands, generally it is done with hand or kizhi (but here we do it by using the feet which is our own speciality and it needs special skills) to relieve or prevent tension or pain in muscles and joints etc... Our institution has a great tradition in this form of treatment... Before starting the treatment, which is for fourteen days, the physical condition, the food habits, the case history everything relevent is analysed thoroughly. Uzhichil dissolves the DOSHAS and excess fat while strengthening the nerves, muscles and joints.


Shirodhara is a wonderful relaxing process in which the scalp and forehead receive a gentle and caressing massage by a thin stream of lukewarm oil.


The concept of ayurvedic oil massage is entirely different from that of the classical massage techniques, as it balances the 'tridoshas' (vata, pita and kapha) and releases the stored up stress from the mind and body, working through the deeper levels of our being.

Marma Therapy

It is an age old technique of healing, in which simple touch or light massage on the vital points of the body, the marmas, is used to balance the life force called prana.

Swedana (Sweating Therapy)

Swedana is the therapeutic application of heat to the body so that the pores and channels of the body open in order to release ama (toxins) easily.


Filling the mouth to half its capacity with liquids, gargling & spitting is known as kabala. It is useful in strengthening the teeth.


This is a whole body warm oil bath with massage originated in Kerala, India. Pizhichil is an invigorating process, at the same time a very effective therapy in most illnesses arising from the derangement of Vata (air). It harmonises all the 5 sub-types of Vata. Being a powerful combination of Sneha - Sweda (Sneha - Abhangya, Sweda - Steam bath it releases toxins from joints and muscles thus improving the mobility of the joints.

Facial Marma

The face is cleansed thoroughly with a herbal mixture and subsequently steam or ice is applied to the face. This is followed by a gentle massage of Marma points on the face and scalp with suitable herbal oils. This is a deeply relaxing process. Facial Marma releases stress from the facial muscles. It is very good for fatigued eyes and gives good rest to the mind.


Nasya involves the administration of medicated oils through the nostrils. This improves brain functioning by improving the flow of prana to the head through cleansing and opening the channels of the head. Thus, Nasya stimulates the tissues and glands in the brain and gives quick relief to many health problems.

Shiro Vasti

This is a very effective treatment in which medicated oils are used on the head for treating various ailments of the neck and head. It nourishes and rejenuvates the nerves in the region above the neck and helps cure many nervous system disorders of eye. ear and nose. It is also very effective in various types of chronic head-aches like migraine.

Kati Vasti

A special treatment for treating chronic back problems and slip disc, kativasti involves immersing the affected areas of the back in lukewarm medicated oil.


It is a herb based powder massage. It improves peripheral circulation thereby improving complexion.

Yoga and Meditation:

We organize special yoga and meditation session everyday with special breathing courses, meditation, introductory course in yoga for beginners and advanced level yoga classes done by a specialist appointed exclusively for the purpose.

Ayurvedic treatment Packages:

We offer you various Ayurvedic treatment packages at the most affordable price. The Package include free consultation, dosha analysis, food advice, personal care and genuine medication. We offer packages for 7, 10, 14, 21 and 28 days at the most affordable price.